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Compass Inventor Services offers a constantly growing network of professional vendors who provide inventors with the quality services their project requires. From skilled graphic designers to university researchers. From technical writers to patent agents and attorneys that will research and protect your idea globally. From app developers and product prototyping to the licensing agents that will assist with the negotiations when it is time to close a licensing deal. Our goal is to better position idea creators in this industry with quality, transparent services, ultimately giving them the best chance for success! The international relationships we have developed over the years with key professionals have positioned us to be THE leading world-class organization within the industry. 

The experience and enthusiasm we bring to every facet of our operations are unmatched. It’s a focus that comes from our entrepreneurial spirit! You see, we are just like the inventors we provide our services to, every one of us has dreams and goals. It all starts with an idea! Our unwavering commitment to deliver our promises in the most appropriate and rewarding ways for our clients is what can help YOU bring that idea to reality! Our passion for the invention industry has only strengthened our determination and commitment to outstanding service over the years. We pride ourselves on being able to give new inventors access to the specialized and extensive knowledge our highly-trained network provides. The first step with any idea/innovation is verification that it is something that has the potential to be widely used. The next step would be to put together a plan of action with our world-renowned network. It is essential to turn an idea into a tangible, sellable product.

Compass Inventor Services has a dedicated staff that works on the front lines of inventor services, utilizing top specialists in all fields. Inventors are regularly pushing the bounds of creativity with their ideas and innovations, and Compass Inventor Services will always be here to help those interested in bringing their concepts to life! By connecting you to the highly qualified researchers, graphic artists, app developers, patent attorneys, prototyping manufacturers, marketing representatives, and licensing agents, Compass Inventor Services can provide ALL inventors/ entrepreneurs with QUALITY AND UNBIASED services. Our design and development teams professionally develop your idea with a systematic approach to getting any new product, brand, app, or business to a market-ready status. The strategies we have crafted over the years have been implemented by top licensing firms and are proven to increase success rates while limiting an inventor’s upfront investment. Compass Inventor Services crafts high-profile advertising and PR programs for our inventors to ensure that we are constantly stimulating interest and/ or driving sales among an international audience. Our marketing regimen (both online and traditional) is highly touted for the quality and style we bring to the table. Unlike other organizations that may “market” your project mostly via email/ standard mail correspondence, we focus on introducing client’s ideas via crowdfunding, major industry trade shows, online, with viral social media marketing, and other creative ways that are mostly unmatched in the inventor services industry.

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